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Apr 29

Personalstatement2013.com makes some major enhancement on its main website for betterment of service to customers

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London UK , April, 2013-Personalstatement2013.com has today made some major enhancements on its main website to ensure that it takes customer service delivery to even greater heights. The news comes at a better time when the company is enjoying huge success thanks to the recent recruitment of new employees into the organization. The website will have a totally new outlook with the company adding a live chat feature to the site and the way customers search for products in the site. The company is now hopeful that customers will embrace the new changes and serve them to their advantage. Reports indicate that customers are already responding positively to the new breed of professionals who took office last week.

Personal statement 2013 has today made some major changes to its main website to enhance customer service and improve efficiency as well as productivity of its employees. The move will serve to take the company to even greater heights adding to the huge success that the company is currently riding at thanks to the new breed of professionals who were recently recruited to work for the company. The management expressed its optimism in the enhancements hoping that customers will embrace the changes made positively.

Customers interested in personal statement help services are poised to benefit hugely after the management added a live chat to the site. The days that a customer would have to write a mail to the organization are long gone and now they will get help first hand by simply contacting customer care desk. The live chat is very efficient and one can get help anytime as it will operate on 24/7 basis. In addition, the live chat is also free and comprehensive covering al l services provided by the company. The move will shade off strong competition that the company has been experiencing for sometime now as addition of live chat is a room that has not been exploited by many other writing organizations in London.

The company in an attempt to improve the way customers search for products on the website, made some changes also to the search query engine. The older method was somewhat deemed inefficient, and slow but that is past now as technical experts worked on it. Customers are now guaranteed of faster search for products that will both save their time and cost of surfing the website. For instance, looking for personal statement prompts 2013 services is very easy as an expert team introduced a specific search query for the service. Some animations have also been added just to make the website more appealing to customers ensuring that they have a good time while exploring the main website.

The major enhancements done by the company is a clear indication that it has its customer’s interests at heart as they attempt to become even friendlier considering the loyalty it has continued to enjoy from them over years. For more information on writing a personal statement and related services visit the main site.
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